Reclaiming the Past, Protecting the Present, Preparing for the  Future ...

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Since its founding in 1995 the Chestnut Ridge Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CRTU) has been a leader in coldwater conservation in southwestern Pennsylvania. We are guided by our vision of reclaiming the past, protecting the present, preparing for the future. Please consider volunteering or joining as a member to support our work

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Reclaiming the Past, Protecting the Present, Preparing for the Future ...

President 's Report

May 8, 2019 - Ben Moyer, President

At the request of Trout Unlimited Eastern Policy Director, Dave Kinney, the president submitted comments to the Pa Environmental Quality Board in support of re-designation of 41 streams throughout the state as High Quality Cold Water Fishes.  If approved, the re-designation will enhance the protection status of these waters.  It is important that we respond to theses requests for comment because at some point in the future we will be hoping that other chapters, plus state and national TU will support re-designation of Dunbar Creek to Exceptional Value.  This is an even more stringent level of protection approved for very few streams.  We will keep members posted on developments in this process.

The president also worked at pulling together various details for the youth fishing outing approved by the membership at last month's meeting.  The fishing event will be held Friday, May 24, 2019 at Ohiopyle State Park.  

We are expecting 10-15 children from the East End Community Center in Uniontown to attend.  The state park is supportive and aware of our plans, but they are unable to direct any staff help to the event because of conflicting programming already scheduled.  The park will allow us to use the fly tackle that we use for casting demonstrations, which will be OK for some kids, but I think we need to come up with some spinning equipment also.  

I have checked with Laurel Hill State Park and they have 6 spincast outfits they will let us use on that day.  They (Kim Peck, Environmental Education Specialist) have even volunteered to deliver the gear to Ohiopyle State Park on the morning of the event.

I am also checking with the Southwest Region office PFBC to see if they have some tackle available for our use.  We have submitted to PFBC the Special Event Permit application we discussed at the last meeting.

We need several volunteers to help the children in this event.  Any help members can give is greatly appreciated and will offer to these children who have never had the chance to fish, the joyful experience of fishing that we have all been fortunate to enjoy throughout our lives.

The president has also continued to be in contact with Scott Hoffman's family regarding the matching donation from Scott's sister's employer.

In closing,  I would like to call all members attention to the  Pa State TU Council newsletter.  Greg Malaska, Pa State TU President, had some very complimentary things to say about our region and our chapter.